Energos , faithful, and smart the Japanese Spitz reminds the courage, love and devotion. They are good watchdogs and ideal companions for the elderly and young children. They have a tendency to bark to warn the arrival of foreign . It is primarily a companion dog and thrives on human contact and attention, preferring to be a family member. It is known as a very loyal dog. They have very great love for children.

race Category pet
Height / cm 30-38cm
Weight / kg 5-10kg


The Jack Russell (Jack Russell Terrier) They are active, glorious and happy puppies who are thirsty for knowledge and adventure. This is a real hunter, will explore, will chase and dig into every opportunity. Playful and intelligent, do well with children, but may show little patience “teasing” even if not from malice.

race Category pet
Height / cm 20-38cm
Weight / kg 5-8kg



Emotional and demonstrative with their relatives, reserved for foreigners, without any nervousness, bland and deeply devout, brave, decent and optimistic without being too extrovert. Sleepless, noble, ingenious, strong, active and courageous dog without complexes. Particularly suitable for families with children, loves the game, coexists well with other animals and two Shelton is an ideal companion for lonely or elderly people, since they are generally characterized by moderation, They have convenient size and cheerful temperament and very few requirements, (besides frequent brushing) and deep bond with their families.

race Category pet
Height / cm 33-41cm
Weight / kg 6-12kg


Mini Schnauzer

The miniature Schnauzer is quick, witty, and obedient to the commands, friendly, intelligent and eager to please, should never be overly aggressive or timid. Usually it is easy race for education, They tend to be excellent watchdogs with a good territorial instinct, but more inclined to bark than bite. Often aloof with strangers until the owners welcome visitors, then it becomes friendly. However, They may be barking to greet their owners, or to express joy, the enthusiasm, or dissatisfaction.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (35,6cm)
female (33cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (5-8,2kg)
female (4,5-6,8kg)


The Fox terier is vivid, actively, energetic dogs, always alert. easily trained. They love family and love playing with children and make mischief. It is the innate tendency to chase that move and become aggressive to other dogs, all sizes. They must be on a lead because they are aggressively chasing that moves, mania have to dig and do not stop to do, unless they have been trained by young. Sleep in the house because they require active exercise with many transitions because easily bored. Both Fox Terriers need brushing while the bristly wants and plucking. They need moderate amounts of food.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (36 -41cm)
female (33-38cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (7-9kg)
female (6-8kg)


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poodle MINI

The Poodle is a mini assets, motivated, faithful, friendly and proud dog. easily trained, especially when education becomes like game, be patient, He loves children and can play with them safely. He is very good companion dog, He lives in an apartment and sleeps in the house. no sting, You need professional care 2-3 times a year and not to tangle the coat very regular brushing. You need enough food and enough exercise.

race Category pet
Height / cm 28-38 cm
Weight / kg 7-8kg

Scottish terrier

The Scottish Terrier is a bold, courageous and full of confidence dog. Is tireless hunter. Laced with the owner and are cautious with strangers. The good goes with children who have grown up with them, otherwise it can be carried aggressively. Needs careful and fair treatment because he is resentful. Dog is sleeping at home, you need brushing, need moderate amount of food and because they are full of energy need moderate exercise to expanded.

race Category pet
Height / cm 25-28cm
Weight / kg 8,5-10,5kg


The Chihuahua is the most dogs light and the hair can be sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. The breed has many color variations, with most common colors white, the black, beige and cinnamon. He is very loyal to its owner and in many cases can become nanny towards other people or animals. Not coexist with other breeds and prefers the company of other Chihuahuas. This is a dog that much influenced by the temperament of the owner, so can be very often nervous or even aggressive, if not received proper treatment or if indifferent to this. Generally unsuitable for homes with small children. If you receive proper approach older children, 13 and over, will be able to adjust to living with many family members.

race Category pet
Height / cm 15-23cm
Weight / kg 1-3,5kg
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Cavalier Spaniel KING TSARLS

Is a small, cute, friendly, lively and loyal dog. It has beautiful nature, good mood and he likes to be stuck to the owner. They are cautious with strangers and can not be easily adapted to house with small children so it is suitable for families with older children, and because it does not bark, unless they feel threat, You can stay in apartment. Usually easily trained but as yet hunting instinct should be fenced area or else will follow that of pique interest. Because it is rich hair needs special care, once or twice a month shampoo, regular brushing, frequent cleaning of the ears and washing the face. They are sleeping at home. Need moderate amount of food that is better to be shared both meals and would make a good daily walk once or twice a day.

race Category Company
Height / cm 30-33cm
Weight / kg 5-8kg


The bow tie is pet dog, friendly with people and especially with children. They are docile and easily trained. Dog is living in city conditions and sleep in the house. The coat needs brushing and need little food and exercise. It is essentially a race with only difference in ear shape. The ears in bow tie is like saying his name like a butterfly (=papillion) and Falen hanging ears reminiscent Moth (= Moth)..

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic(20-28 cm)
female(20-28 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic(4-5kg)

Bizet bolognese

The jewelery Bolognese is a petite dog, but compact and robust. The eyes are dark, large and round eyes with deep and very expressive. The hair is long, crisp but soft, and plenty, and needs frequent grooming, although not sting. In the face coat is short. The Bichon Bolognese is happy, full of confidence and intelligent dog . They are loyal and completely dedicated to the owner and his family. Tolerates other pets, and is suitable for children to watch. He has good character and loves hugs and caresses.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (27-30 cm)
female (25-28 cm)
Weight / kg 2.5-4 kg

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a dog breed that has a strong personality and temperament. They enjoy the company of their family, but they are skeptical with regard to foreign. They are very intelligent dogs if not properly trained from young, it will be difficult later to obey orders. It faithfully and lovingly dogs and is always in egrigorsi.Polles times tend to become aggressive if not timely socialized with people and other dogs. Their main feature is their long fur that creeps on the ground. Are small puppies, they need minimal exercise, but daily care, as the rich fur makes knots if not regularly brushed.

race Category pet
Height / cm 20-28cm
Weight / kg 4-7kg



The French Bulldog is very sociable dogs, very loving family, young children and those around them, especially if socialized from small. They need attention and bark only when deprived or if you feel uncomfortable. They shorthaired fur, They need little care and usually are found in white, cinnamon and black stamped or not. They are smart, active and curious by nature. Although it's pet dogs, They can be comfortable and guards and alert to every danger to the family .

race Category Company
Height / cm 25-39 cm
Weight / kg 7,5-14kg



the peke, also known as Lion-Dog, Pekingese Lion-Dog, Dog Pelchie, or Pekingese, It is an ancient breed of dog, They have bred dogs – and toys from China. called leontaroskyla, because of their similarity with the Chinese breed lions. The breed was favored by the Chinese Empire as puppy companion, and its name refers to the city of Beijing, wherein the Forbidden City. The breed has several characteristics and health issues related to its unique appearance.

race Category pet
Height / cm 30,4 – 45 cm
Weight / kg 3.6 – 4.5 kg
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The Pomeranian can be Small, but very intelligent and active dogs. They respond very well to training, but they must be trained properly in order to get used to spend time alone, as they tend to become dependent relationship with their owners. The puppies are extremely coexist with all family members and young children, but not the case with strangers. They tend to “defend” their loved ones against any “threatening”, why can bark very often and have aggressive tendencies and sovereign. The Pomeranian is permanently alert and easily adapt to changes in their environment.

race Category pet
Height / cm 18-30cm
Weight / kg 1,5-3kg


The Basenji belongs to the medium sized dogs since its height ranges from 41 until 43 from. and weight of 9,5 until 11 pounds. The head has a cranial vault level and leads to narrowing the muzzle, when stretched ears wrinkles are generated in the front so it called "thinking dog '. The eyes are obliquely, almond and dark. The ears are pointy, small, erect, triangular and thin. It has long and strong neck, The queue starts from above and is wrapped once or twice. The coat is short, glossy, thick, smooth and glued to the body. The color can be red or black and white chest elinai, the flanges and the edge of the tail.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (41-43cm)
female (38-41cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (10-12kg)
female (9-11kg)

ITALIAN Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a good companion dog and enjoys the company of people. However,the delicate construction of race and the short hair make it somewhat fragile breed and can be injured by hard or careless playing with children. The breed is good with older or a couple without children so’ it prefers quiet households, but also go well with older children. It is equally at home in town or in the countryside, with the condition to live indoors in warm areas. it is fast, flexible and athletic as race.

race Category pet
Height / cm 30-38cm
Weight / kg 3-5kg


The Chinese crested dog is a hairless dog breed. Like most hairless dog breeds, Chinese crested dog comes in two varieties, dogs without fur, the hairless and fluff with dogs that are born in the same litter. The maintenance of the hairless skin is similar to the maintenance of human skin and as such may be prone to acne , dryness, and sunburn.

race Category pet
Height / cm 25-33cm
Weight / kg 3,2-5,4kg

German Spitz

The German Spitz is pet dog, faithful, smart, obedient, lively, active, stubborn and independent. We must be especially careful in the presence of other animals, It can become aggressive. He loves family and older children, They are cautious with strangers and warns us by barking for uninvited guests.

race Category pet
Height / cm 23-29 cm
Weight / kg 3-4,5kg



The Maltese are very friendly dogs and very tied to their owners and family. They are lively and cheerful dogs, who are doing very well with young children. The Maltese are mostly puppies sofa, who do not want a lot of exercise and long walks. So are ideal pets to stay in an apartment in confined spaces. be cheerful, clever, loyal and obedient dog, dedicated to the owner and family. Can coexist easily with other pets.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (21-25cm)
female (20-23cm)
Weight / kg 3-4kg


The Mini is Pinser pet dog, could become good keeper but not the right size, They are fearless, faithful, social, He loves family and especially children who prefer to play with them. Trained easily and wants to be in the company. It is versatile and play at home is enough to ease. It adapts easily to the rhythm of city life and sleeping in the house. He needs little food and exercise

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (25-30cm)
female (25-28cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (4-5kg)
female (about 4kg)



Since the most stubborn dogs small that seek human presence. Excellent hunters and amazing to bury themselves everywhere. They bark a lot and cry when left alone. Otherwise they are adorable and will make you laugh a lot with their quirky scherzo and the special walking. The dachshund is clever, lively and courageous, persistent in his work and with all senses developed.

race Category pet
Height / cm 15-25cm
Weight / kg +4,9kg



The Japanese Chin is tender, playful, calm and happy dog. They are polite and very friendly with kids. It seeks attention and not often barks. It has adapted to city conditions and need to sleep in the house. They need special attention when it is hot because it suffers. It is a good companion dog that needs moderate amount of food and moderate exercise. The hair grooming and brushing.

race Category pet
Height / cm 18-28cm
Weight / kg 2-7kg


Yorkshire terrier

A true miniature dog, The Yorkshire Terrier is adorable companion and a good watchdog because it is very cautious with strangers. Restless dogs and cute, but they want and what their walks out of the house and our attention. Because they are so small, phobias often develop with awesome things eg a board or the mixer noise. With the strap in the fittings it is advisable to let them walk on their own and not be constantly on our lap .

race Category pet
Height / cm 20-23 cm
Weight / kg Toy 1,5-2,5kg | Mini 3-4,5kg


Bisset Hawaiian

The Hawaiian is the race with a lot more hair colors. There are plain, white, cream, beige, apricot, gold, Red, brown, silver and black but more often we meet two-tone or three colored Havanese.To Havanese is a small (weight 4-8 pounds, height 21-29 from. the withers) pet dog with impressive, rich and long hair. Has big expressive eyes almond shaped having a dark brown color. The nose is always black or brown. The tail is curled over the back and is covered with long hair. The coat can be straight, wavy or slightly folding and has silky texture. Very important issue: the Havanese not sting. The hair grows and eventually kills and drops or creates knots. So very important is taking care correctly to maintain the beautiful mantle.

race Category pet
Height / cm 21-29cm
Weight / kg 4-8kg

Bichon Frize

The basset hound is a friendly dog, in humans and other pets and is also an excellent companion for children. Because Bassets are scent hounds, you should always go out with a leash. Although considered lazy, They tend to run for prey, when a leash is very important for their safety. Even if Bassets sleep much, still needed the walks in the park and out of the house for them. They are very good dogs family. They have problems with their ears and their bones if not observed, but overcome.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (23-30cm)
female (23-28cm)
Weight / kg 3-5kg


The stalls are small dogs, kontotricha, square shape. Commonly found in beige, black and gray. These dogs have a strong personality and strong will, but rarely are aggressive. instead, They are very friendly and is suitable for families with children. Depending on the mood of the owner, the bench can be quietly and obediently, but also lively and playful. They tend to follow their owners in order not to lose a minute from “action”. It lazily dogs, they like to take naps, so they need daily exercise and walk, to avoid obesity.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic(30-36 cm)
female(25-30 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic(6-9kg)

West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier is what we call, appropriate dog in the appropriate position. Clever and uncooperative. With nice muzzle, characteristic gait, white fur and the cuteness of this small terrier from Hunter mouse and ferret pet dog is. Correct and gentle treatment by the family that has such a dog, is everything, because these small dogs do not tolerate abuse. Is an intelligent, lively, happy dog. be patient, motivated, energetic and fearless dog that will alert for any unwanted visitor. Confident and does not hesitate to confront larger dog if he thinks that threatened area.

race Category Company
Height / cm Arsenic (25-30cm)
female (23-28cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (7-10kg)
female (6-7kg)

BOSTON terrier

The Boston Terrier has tight body, well proportioned with erect ears, short tail and a snout nose should be free of wrinkles. They usually have broad for face. The fur of the Boston Terrier is mostly ribbed or even black with white markings . It adapted to the conditions of city life. Sleeping in the house, it is clean, It is not noisy as the other Terrier, need moderate amount of food, and a large daily walk is enough to exhaust.

race Category pet
Height / cm 38-43cm
Weight / kg 6-11kg

Coton de Tulear

The Coton is a playful, affectionately, generally intelligent race. Although generally quiet, It can be very noisy when playing with grunting, barking and making other noises. The Cotons are known to have a habit of jumping up and walk to the back and the front legs, so thanking people.

race Category pet
Height / cm 25-30cm
Weight / kg 5,5 – 7kg
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