Shiba Inu

It is a calm, decent, intelligent and independent dog. The owner must be experienced because it needs early socialization and education then becomes easy. It is not wise to travel free (without leash) because due to the nature of hunting can chase another animal and lost. He loves cleanliness and likes the place and the coat is clean, why many people compare to a cat, of how purified. He is friendly with children and because of the joyous and lively character becomes their best friend in the game, but he can only play when no one deals with it.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic(36-41 cm)
female(33-38 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic(8-11kg)
female(6,8 until 9 kg)


The Beagle is an active, happy dog ​​and because they are intelligent and eager to please gratifying his training. it dispassionate, courageous and hardy. Tracker is effective and can only chase the, in pairs or more dogs. It adapts to any environment and can become wonderful companion and family dog. If not properly trained, Indifference may be a problem. He tends to run behind anything that caught the attention of. Because they are very active dog requires daily long walks combined with exercise. Since it has developed the instinct of a hunter when it comes ride must be tied on a leash. You must live in a secure fenced yard, because it is ready to follow everything that grab attention. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the ears to avoid infections.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (36-41cm)
female (33-38cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (10-11kg)
female (9-10kg)


It's very friendly dog ​​with older children, clever, faithful, polite, willing, collaborative and co-exist with other animals if socialized. Because they are independent needs education early. It's possible, energetic dog who is alert and loves the game. It belongs to the dogs who sleep outside the home. Because they are accustomed to human presence is very good companion, loves human companionship, He loves family and particularly tied to one person.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic (53-60cm)
female (48-53cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (20,5-30kg)
female (16-20,5kg)

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is cheerful, playful, fun, enthusiasts, clever, sensitive, affectionate, faithful and obedient. They are very friendly, seeks human companionship, wants to be an active member of the family is very tied with kids. It is full of energy and cooperative education. Coexists with other dogs or pets, particularly if grown with Gavgizei them to warn of the presence of foreigners but not aggressive. He is good companion but also equally good hunter.

race Category Company- Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (38-43 cm)
female (36 until 41 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (13-16 pounds)
female (12 – 15 pounds)

Mini Bull terrier

The Mini Bulls terrier is bold, smart and friendly. It has tremendous power and must be in continuous operation the mind and body. Powerful jaws can cause disaster if they bite. He is very good companion for children and also nanny for children undertaken for storage. Is good protection dog although not often barks. All puppies should be tested for deafness. This disease is more common in white dogs. Shows often hernia.

race Category pet
Height / cm 25-33cm
Weight / kg 11-15kg

Border Necklaces

The Border kollef is a medium sized dog sports, bred for work. Terribly intelligent breed with an innate tendency to work with people. Require significant daily exercise and mental stimulation. If the owner does not provide the relief needed, both physically and spiritually, the Border kollef will not respond well, especially if it is in home environment. May make “losses” in order to work and find an interesting. Because of the genes (as Sheepdog) may not do well with other pets, in an attempt to direct.

race Category pet
Height / cm Arsenic (48-56cm)
female (46-53cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (14-20kg)
female (12-19kg)

AMERICAN cocker spaniel

Small, playful dog that weighs between 12 and 15 kg. The colors may be black, black with dark brown-cream, Red, brown and any other color in combination with white. The ears are long and hanging loose. The hair is long, silky and wavy .it is smart, faithful dog who is very good companion. Live at home better with older children and small courtyard.

race Category Company- Hunting
Height / cm 38-41 cm
Weight / kg 7-14 pounds


The Basenji belongs to the medium sized dogs since its height ranges from 41 until 43 from. and weight of 9,5 until 11 pounds. The head has a cranial vault level and leads to narrowing the muzzle, when stretched ears wrinkles are generated in the front so it called "thinking dog '. The eyes are obliquely, almond and dark. The ears are pointy, small, erect, triangular and thin. It has long and strong neck, The queue starts from above and is wrapped once or twice. The coat is short, glossy, thick, smooth and glued to the body. The color can be red or black and white chest elinai, the flanges and the edge of the tail.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (41-43cm)
female (38-41cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (10-12kg)
female (9-11kg)

Shar Pei

The Chinese Shar Pei is a unique and intelligent dog most often recognized by its wrinkles. Originally bred as agrotoskylo and guard, and later for dog fighting. The race today is obedient, it has agility, used in farming and for supervision, The,what requires a farm. Because the name Shar Pei- means “coat of sand”, is rough and sand colored and slightly longer than the race that the fur looks like a horse that is more short pile. Other unique features is the black pigment in the mouth, that makes the blue tongue, Figure head, small ears and eyes buried deep in their niches.

race Category pet
Height / cm 46-51cm
Weight / kg 18-25kg

Bull terrier

The most recognizable feature of the Bulls terrier is his head, described in "egg-shape" when viewed from the front. The top of the skull Boolean terrier is almost flat, starting from the ears and ending in nose. The nostrils of the dog is well developed and the mandible is deep and leads to strong muzzle. His eyes are small terrier Bulls, intense and intelligent gaze. The Bulls terrier are full and rounded body, while the shoulders are strong and very muscular. The Bulls have strong terrier personality and unusual character. They tend to be overprotective of their family and if not trained and do not socialize small, may experience aggressive tendencies towards other animals, like cats, or even to other dogs. In the Bulls terrier general are dogs that can attack if you accept the challenge, so they want an experienced owner who can train them properly.

race Category pet
Height / cm 40-55cm
Weight / kg 20-36kg


These dogs with faster acceleration and with speeds up to 56chm. the hour! Despite the speed but the, very calm dogs, ideal for home. The whippet is very friendly, dutifully, and like to spend some time on the couch, so they need frequent exercise. Dogs are medium-sized, with athletic body, shorthaired fur, while we come in varying shades of black, up white, and in color combinations .The whippet dogs are gentle by nature, faithfully in the family, They get on very well with children, and bark little.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (47-56cm)
female (44-54cm)
Weight / kg 11-21kg



The French Bulldog is very sociable dogs, very loving family, young children and those around them, especially if socialized from small. They need attention and bark only when deprived or if you feel uncomfortable. They shorthaired fur, They need little care and usually are found in white, cinnamon and black stamped or not. They are smart, active and curious by nature. Although it's pet dogs, They can be comfortable and guards and alert to every danger to the family .

race Category Company
Height / cm 25-39 cm
Weight / kg 7,5-14kg



The Siberian Husky is a Husky and beautiful breed dog with a thick layer which comes in a plurality of colors and markings. Blue or multi-colored eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of this breed, derived from Siberia. Only the strongest dog breeds survived the cold winters of Siberia and the race became very resistant. But he is also a loyal friend laced with small paidia.Episis need a good fenced yard to prevent escapes.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic (53-61cm)
female (51-56cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (20-27kg)
female (16-23kg)


Emotional and demonstrative with their relatives, reserved for foreigners, without any nervousness, bland and deeply devout, brave, decent and optimistic without being too extrovert. Sleepless, noble, ingenious, strong, active and courageous dog without complexes. Particularly suitable for families with children, loves the game, coexists well with other animals and two Shelton is an ideal companion for lonely or elderly people, since they are generally characterized by moderation, They have convenient size and cheerful temperament and very few requirements, (besides frequent brushing) and deep bond with their families.

race Category pet
Height / cm 33-41cm
Weight / kg 6-12kg


ENGLISH Springer Spaniel

It is a dog that is friendly with people and especially with kids, especially when used. It is easy family member, They do well with other pets, especially if they grow together, but it is good that there are no birds in the house, because it is by nature hound. Dog is active, full of energy and so it needs enough exercise. Sleeping away from home, need moderate amount of food, They are cooperative and therefore easily trained. The coat needs brushing.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (48-56cm)
female (46-51cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (20-25kg)
female (18-23kg)


Epagneul Breton is the Brittany dog ​​is usually quite athletic, compactness, assets, without being heavy. Its characteristics are long legs and round ears. They are usually smart dogs, strongly, and vigilant. Their gait is light and lengthier. Generally, They learn quickly and are known for their sensitivities, for their faith and the link they have with their owners. Their colors are usually cinnamon and white and sometimes black mixed with other colors. Other dogs have short and other long tails.

race Category Company, Hunting
Height / cm 43-53cm
Weight / kg 14-18kg
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