The Bullmastiff is a guard dog and is the only guard dog breed from England. This large dog has a sensitive soul and wants to be a member of the family. Always attentive and calm enjoys caresses and protects younger family members who tolerate whatever the make. A real prince with security guard duties at home.

race Category pet, Guardian
Height / cm Arsenic (63-69cm)
female (61-66cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (50-60kg)
female (45-55kg)



It's beautiful, friendly, motivated, calm, happy, versatile dog, ideal for pet and coexists with children. easily trained, They are good keeper, but human companionship is essential. The Berne is very good companion dog, he has learned to live in the cold. Due to large size they need education and because they are active daily exercise. She can not live alone because it requires human presence. Caution is needed in the diet to keep the weight low.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic (61-71cm)
female (58-69cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (38-50kg)
female (36-48kg)


The Newfoundland dog is legendary for its tranquility and the docile nature of, and his strength. They are extremely loyal and ideal working dogs. For this reason, this breed is known as “gentle giant” or the dog nanny. They usually have a deep love for humans and are easy to train, if someone starts early. They are extremely well with children, but because of their size at very young ages, children could be hit by mistake.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic (69-74 cm)
female (63-69 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (59-68kg)
female (45-54kg)


They are sleek, possibility, friendly, calm dog characterized polite. Laced with family and loves children. While large dogs, can adapt to apartment life but needs human presence, otherwise suffering. It is a happy, friendly dog, sleeping away from home, needs exercise strong when adult, especially if he lives in apartment, but as a puppy needs special attention, because as husky grows slowly, not straining exercises. He needs human presence and becomes a member of the family. The coat does not protect it from the cold and have to pay attention because you may suffer pneumonia. Need brushing and need a large amount of food.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic (76-86cm)
female (71-81cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (54-90kg)
female (45-59kg)

KANE corset

The Deal Corso, like all molosses is a dog that listens to commands and wants to be stuck with the owner of each hour and minute. It is imposing and simultaneously docile but do not be fooled you this peace of mind, It has strong leadership and protection at the same time and sometimes the behavior is anexelechti . Do not encourage these dogs to epiteithentai, may eventually not be able to check the. The strong appetite for storage of their own people will push to do instinctively what is,nothing better. The head Deal Corso is the beauty of, proud, proud and hospitable, but we better watch out because they are suspicious of strangers generally. A properly trained dog should be in the presence of his boss indifferent to strangers.

race Category working, Guardian
Height / cm Arsenic (64-68cm)
female (60-64cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (45-50kg)
female (40-45kg)



The Irish goulfchaount is what its name says, dog to confront wolves. thumping, but polite. Terrible in appearance, but tender heart, he loves and protects children. The hair is rough and in many colors and muzzle away with a strong bite. While nature is calm and quiet dogs, They want to bond with the family and can become destructive if left alone for long.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm 71-90cm
Weight / kg 40-69cm


Dogue de Bordeaux

It is inherently capable of protecting the area, He loves children, They are active, benevolent dog though because display shows nagging. It is a muscular dog with short legs, height is 58 until 70 from. and weight of 35 until 50 pounds. He has a large head with corners, his nostrils are wide and have the same color as the mask. He has wide muzzle and lips of hanging little. Small ears hanging cheeks. The coat is short, smooth and soft and is reddish brown, gold and gray, You can have small white marks on chest and paws and the mask is black or red.

race Category pet, working
Height / cm 58-75 cm
Weight / kg 50 -65 kg


The dog St.. Bernard, It is a big, impressive, possibility, muscular dog, with a sad expression on his face. To bulky and heavy head has a broad skull, between the eyes formed groove and over, there are creases. Although very large is calm in his behavior, with sad eyes and a calm expression in the face and movements. It is an affectionate breed that loves people. The only danger for young children of these dogs is their volume, risk without the dog wants, to throw down, during the game. Otherwise it is completely reliable. The colors vary from white, Black and brown are the three together in fur. More wool there on his head, on his feet and of course the tail, which is the ornament and beauty of.

race Category working
Height / cm 61 -70 cm
Weight / kg 50 -91 pounds


The Kiss Brazileiro is very capable guard, aggressive, need socialization, It is independent and not easily trained. The Kiss Brazileiro should be treated with caution, and sleeping away from home, requires vigorous exercise and enough food.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic 65 -75 cm
female 60 -70 cm
Weight / kg 41-50 pounds


The Caucasian Shepherd is a large dog,which is independent, trained hard, They are aggressive and need socialization. You can sleep away from home. It is a wonderful working dog and excellent fylakas.To rich and thick coat much sting and needs regular brushing. He needs enough exercise and eating should be enough.

race Category working, Guardian
Height / cm Arsenic (69-74cm)
female (63-72cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (+50kg)
female (+45kg)


The imposing this gigantic dog, They are by nature cautious and perceptive towards foreigners, very typical behavior of their race. Always according to the breed standard, It has stable nature, predictable and calm, with highly developed defense reactions . According to experts, the Central Asian Shepherd dogs are highly emotional and despite their huge volume, They are known for their agility. They need to share the same space with their family and are ideal watchdogs.

race Category Guardian
Height / cm Arsenic(65-78 cm)
female (60-69 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic(55-79kg)
female (40-65kg)
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Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff is considered a primitive tribe. The Tibetan Mastiff is usually retains the instincts needed to survive in Tibet. Furthermore, It is one of the few primitive tribes dogs maintains a single estrus per year instead of two, even at very low altitudes and in much more temperate climates. This feature is also found in wild carnivores, such as lupus. The double coat is long, They live in cold climates, and found in a wide variety of colors, including the: black, various shades of “red” (from pale gold to deep red) and blue-gray (dilute black). The coat of Tibetan mastiff, It has no unpleasant odor dog affecting many large breeds. The fur, regardless of length or color(s), can eliminate dirt and odors. Although dogs madane somewhat during the year, generally there is a large coat fall in late winter or early spring and sometimes another, in late summer or early fall. (Sterilization of the dog can dramatically affect the coat in texture, density).

race Category working
Height / cm 61-71cm
Weight / kg 64-78kg


This dog is known for its ability to discern human odors even days later, long distance, even in water. Extremely intense is the sense of smell and combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct that has, used by law enforcement authorities and police around the world to track fugitives, missing, or children who perished even animals perished.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (63-69cm)
female (58-63cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (41-50kg)
female (36-45kg)

ENGLISH mastiff

It's a good-hearted dog, known for his dedication. It has the innate ability of spatial protection. They are friendly and loyal dog but needs an experienced owner. Can sleeps outside the house. The coat needs brushing. He needs large amount of food and enough exercise to avoid gaining weight.

race Category Company- Guardian
Height / cm Arsenic (76 cm)
female (70 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (68-113 pounds)
female (54 – 82 pounds)
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TOSA Inoue

So the furnace is a quiet, calm and patient dog that unlike other Mastiff dogs has not shawls. He is a good watchdog because it has the innate ability of spatial protection, But it can make aggressive, so it needs socialization. it is independent, brave, fearless and bold dog that is not easily trained, But obey owner and is very sensitive to the tone of his voice. They are cautious with strangers but loves the members of the families and can coexist with other animals if met by puppy. Due to the combative nature is preferable that there are no other dogs on site and ride the heck park is not free. You need enough food. Is dog can sleep outside the home. You can live in an apartment long as they have enough exercise daily. The coat needs brushing.

race Category Guardian
Height / cm 62-82cm
Weight / kg 36-61kg


The Comodoro is a dog large in size and can, fur resistant to extreme weather conditions. The characteristic fur-like fleece the sheep also protects against bites and rich and wild vegetation and provides the necessary camouflage when the job is to guard sheep. It is calm, constant and fearless nature. The strange coat is the characteristic feature of the two tribes, Comodoro and checker and these dogs are sometimes called "moving carpets".

race Category working, Company
Height / cm Arsenic (71-76cm)
female (64-69cm)
Weight / kg 50-60kg

Mastino Napolitano

The Mastino Napolitano is inherently guardian and protector of the site, It is not very active and energetic dog. It is quiet calm and friendly dog ​​as a companion dog is pleasant. Dog is sleeping outside the home, the hair and skin need special protection and care. A large quantity of food, and must be applied several. They do not need much training for protection, because they are by nature guard dogs and was always. As with any breed, obedience training is very important. The Neapolitans are very tolerant race in pain, due to the fact that the skin is loose in the body, so it is important to check regularly for health problems, because such a dog does not behave differently when injured or become ill. also, It is known to drooling, especially after the consumption of food or water or if they are excited.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic (65-75 cm)
female (60-70 cm)
Weight / kg 50-70kg

Rhodesian RITSMPAK

The Rhodesian Ritsmpak is strong and fast dog, dedicated to family, He loves children and is cautious with strangers. it is bold, courageous and independent, trained relatively easily and bored. Besides pet dog is capable family guardian and space. Dog is sleeping outside the home, The hair brushing, needs sufficient amount of food and exercise should be daily. You need training to be obedient and by nature are guard.

race Category Hunting
Height / cm Arsenic (63-69cm)
female (61-66cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic (36-41cm)
female (29-34cm)


Is a courageous, dispassionate, fearless and strong dog. Great endurance, it is calm, soft, dedicated and loyal. These go very well with children and wants to become a member of the family, Not aggressive but because appearance inspires respect and is by nature guard. It belongs to the dogs who sleep outside the house. Need free space because it is big, a large quantity of food and exercise should be daily and enough. In education needs peace. The coat needs care and brushing. Although it belongs to healthy dogs may develop hip dysplasia and eye problems. Because it is husky needs special attention to exercise when puppy, not to cause problems to the frame, especially in the legs.

race Category working
Height / cm Arsenic(69-81 cm)
female (63-74 cm)
Weight / kg Arsenic(45-55kg)
female (40-50kg)
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