About the company

The small range of importing companies songbirds, rodents and reptiles in the Greek market in the early 70s and the great fondness for animals were two major factors that led Evangelos Imyrziadi the creation of the company's wholesale and retail Tropic Island. Based in Athens started to operate a business in the pet industry 1973, thus making his hobby a profession. The extensive experience developed over the years and the gradual entry of family members in the company contributed to the gradual improvement and quality of services.

The Tropic Island imported from the finest European breeders and exporters, all kinds canarypox, small, medium and large parrots, birds of paradise and aidoneidi. It also provides its clients with rodents, reptiles and all breeds of puppies from breeders selected foreign.
Without being limited to the Greek market, from 2004 starts to export within the EU and from 2012 extended to exports outside EU.
Our company wanting to enrich the range of, by the end of 2013, Gets the delegation of the Czech company Calibra with super premium and premium foods for dogs and cats. End, Our company offers a full range of accessories for reptiles companies Lucky Reptile & Zoo Med.
With an eye always on the customer, family members Imyrziadi continue the same successful path carved out by forty years of presence in space.